Vision Insurance

Is Vision Insurance Worth It?

Yes vision insurance is worth it. Even if you have 20/20 vision there are benefits to having vision coverage. Below are the benefits and a cost comparison of vision coverage

    Benefits of Vision Insurance

  • Better Eye Sight is a big benefit. It is important to go to the opthomoplogist/optometrist yearly to make sure you are still using the correct eyeglasses or contacts
  • Annual Ophthalmologist visit for a Copay. Which can prevent/diagnose eye cancer as well as dilate your eyes.
  • More affordable than going Uninsured
  • Less Headaches from straining your eyes to see
  • Medically necessary contacts at no cost
  • Very Low Cost Premium

If you cannot see the benefits above, I will make sure to make the quote button below extra big (Dad Joke). Having vision coverage costs anywhere from $6-$15 per individual which is very affordable. Most vision providers give an allowance for frames which generally is pretty close to yearly premium paid into plan. The plan pays for itself and gives you additional discounts as long as you use it. Insurance companies make money by hoping you do not use your plan. Going to the opthamologist/optometrist once per year justifies the low premium for the plan. Below you will find a cost comparison of uninsured vs insured vision coverage.

Vision Cost Comparison Uninsured vs Insured

Uninsured Insured
Initial Patient Exam $200 1 Copay $5-$30
Established Patient Exam $128 1 Copay $5-$30
Refractive Test $46 1 Included w/ Copay
Frames $35-$500+ 2 $100+ Allowance Allowed for Frames (Includes additional Discount after allowance)
Single Vision Lenses $98 2 Copay $5 - $35
Contacts $175 - $1400 3 Discounts w/ Network in addition to $100+ Allowance
Lasik $1,000 - $3,000 per Eye 4 Some plans offer (5%-15% in Discounts)

Sanus Benefits offers employer vision quotes as well as individual dental quotes. Our quoting tool is continually being improved to assist users in finding the best plan for their needs. As our improvements our being made our amount of providers grow. Our individual quoting tool is accessible using the button below.