Three Reasons you Need Travel Insurance

Everyone would love to take a vacation every month, or visit family across the globe. The only hurdle is travel costs. From the exorbitant hotel rates to the high costs of air travel, the overall price of traveling makes it difficult to justify going anywhere. To combat these high costs individuals plan for trips months sometimes years in advance. Which seems like a fool proof plan... until you realize life happens. There is always that off chance you get sick the day of your trip, a hurricane/typhoon hits your tropical destiation, you miss a connecting flight from delays, your boss says you have to work instead, you lose your baggage, the list goes on and on of things going wrong. Fail to plan... plan to fail. Here are three reasons why you need travel insurance on your next big trip!


1. Protecting your wallet- Travel costs are high, and running into any problems push those costs even higher. From rescheduling your flight, to missing a connection flight, or even losing baggage. Travel Insurance protects against the unexpected travel costs keeping your money where it belongs.. your WALLET!


2. Ease of Mind- It takes stress off knowing you will be covered in the case of a loss. You can just relax and enjoy your trip.


3. Emergency Medical Expense Coverage- This coverage is included with some travel insurance polices. It is important because most health plans exclude coverage for international health services. This covers that gap in coverage to where you have at least some help in paying the medical costs in the case of an emergency. I would also recommend looking into international health plans, and see if you will need that type of coverage for your trip.

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