Associated General Contractors (AGC) Healthcare Program

The newly launched Association of General Contractors (AGC) Healthcare Program, powered by Sana, has garnered significant attention. AGC's decision to partner with Sana was motivated by their adaptable plans and strong reputation for service excellence. The substantial discount offered by Sana expedited the collaboration, resulting in this remarkable benefit for our valued members.

Presently, AGC members can enjoy a 10% reduction on their regular rates through the program. Even without the discount, Sana's rates remain highly competitive in comparison to other alternatives. When coupled with the association program's 10% discount, Sana's rates become unparalleled. Their plans encompass a spectrum of deductibles, ranging from $0 to $8000, complemented by cost-effective copays for Primary Care, Urgent Care, and Specialists. HSA options are also available, ensuring a comprehensive range of choices. This affordability often prompts groups to upgrade their plans while still benefiting from substantial premium savings.

For quite some time, Association Healthcare Programs have become increasingly more coveted by all groups. It does not matter if a group has 2 employees or 20000 Association Programs can prove beneficial in leveling costs and diluting risk across an enlarged pool of employers. Groups are often caught off guard by the savings they receive and the speed/ease of the quoting process. All the AGC plan requires to quote is a census of employees. The census should include the following information: Name, Date of Birth, Gender, Residential Zip Code. Please also include covered dependents Name/DOB/Gender/Zip Code as well. To expedite the quoting process, I recommend utilizing the Sanus Benefits Portal.

With the Association Program savings paired alongside the intuitive Sanus Benefits Portal, you will ensure that your group maximizes your Employee Benefits Expenditure. The Sanus Benefits Portal was built with the end user in mind and is designed to be user-friendly to the employer as well as employees. Additionally, the quoting tool will show 100s of Medical, Dental, Vision, Life, and Disability options giving you the ability to compare coverage options and accurately estimate costs.

By choosing Sana, you gain access to an array of unique and strategic partners, often enabling services without copay requirements. A list of these partners, along with other distinctive Sana plan benefits, can be found below:

Plush Care

$0 Virtual Doctor Visits
High-quality care from U.S. medical Doctors. All from the ease of your computer or smartphone.

Blueberry Pediatrics

On-Demand Pediatric Care
Get 24/7 care for your children 365 days a year via phone, video, or text. *In Select States


Fitness Classes
Access Thousands of gyms, fitness studios, & wellness centers with an easy app.

2nd MD

Fast Virtual 2nd Opinions
Get Medical Certainty from expert consultations with top specialists.


Emotional Support
Confidential, on-demand emotional health support available through a mobile app.


Virtual Maternity Care
On-demand virtual access to high quality care for new & expecting mothers.


Virtual Health Coaching
Lose weight, reduce stress, improve nutrition or manage chronic condition.


World-Class Surgical Care
Allows individuals to get the highest quality surgical care at world class hospitals with a reduced rate for over 100 procedures. (Including: Hip, Knee, Shoulder, Spine, Heart, and Cancer-Related Surgeries)

Connect DME

Medical Equipment
Medical equipment delivered straight to your door.

Green Imaging

Imaging Services
High-quality imaging services with locations nationwide.


Lab Testing & Diagnostics
Convenient, quality labs- collected by your doctor or at one of 1,700+ locations.

Connect DME

House Calls for Urgent Care
Receive quality care for 0% of common ER visits, all in the comfort of your home.

Strategic Partner Coverage Information

PPO PlusPPO Plus HSA Primary CareUrgent CarePrescribes MedicationSpecialty & Chronic ConditionsMental WellnessPhysical FitnessCare NavigationLabs or ImagingEquipmentSecond Opinion
Sana MD In Person Virtual FREE*
Blueberry Pediatrics 24/7 CareVirtual FREE*
ClassPass In Person Virtual FREEFREE
Connect DME In Person FREE*
Dispatch Health In Person FREE*
Carrum Health Virtual FREE*
Ginger Virtual FREE**
Green Imaging In Person FREE*
Labcorp Virtual In Person FREE*
Maven 24/7 CareVirtual FREEFREE
PlushCare 24/7 CareVirtual FREE**
Vida Virtual FREEFREE
2nd. MD Virtual FREEFREE

Chapters Eligible to Participate

  • Austin
  • West Texas
  • Rio Grande Valley
  • South Texas

Please be aware that membership is not a prerequisite for obtaining a quote. Even if you don't qualify for the program, you can still obtain a quote through Sanus. If you would like more details regarding eligibility for the AGC Healthcare Program, please don't hesitate to contact us at We are excited to announce that we now offer access to three distinct programs, including the Next Level Urgent Care Prime plan. Should you be interested in any of these options, you can request a quote via email or by using our cutting-edge online benefits quoting tool. To initiate the quoting process, simply click the "Request a Quote" button below.