Houston Contractors Association (HCA) Healthcare Plan

The Houston Contractors Association (HCA) recently started a new Healthcare Plan. The amount of flexibility and savings with this plan is unattainable elsewhere in the market. We are able to save groups around 15%-20% on their premiums while offering enhanced coverage.

Details on How the Plan Achieves Substantial Employer Health Insurance Savings

Employer Pooling Savings

- Since we have a enlarged pool of employers participating in this plan, we are able to get significant discounts on premium. This also allows the underwriter some room to be more aggressive when quoting cases.

Unique Partnerships

- In addition to the partnership with AllState, the Houston Contractors Association recently partnered with Next Level Urgent Care. The Next Level Urgent Care plan option provides a low cost plan with 100% coverage (After $35 Copay) for covered services at their numerous locations.

Network Flexibility

- We currently have access to the Aetna PPO, Cigna PPO, and PHCS networks. This is to insure (insert insurance pun joke here) your groups find the most advantageous plan for both their health and wallet. There is even an option without a network which is the Reference Based Pricing option.

Claims Fund Refund

- In years where your claims are lower than expected you will receive a refund on a portion of the unused premium.

Plan Selections -

We have numerous plan options available for all of your different employee needs.With various deductibles and copays. The underwriters are flexible with participation and allow for carve-outs.

This is just a high level overview of of the various benefits with the Houston Contractors Association Health Plan. As the plan continues to grow so will the savings. If you would like more information reach out to Sanus Benefits.

The Houston Contractors Association in partnership with BCSG Group hand selected a limited amount of brokers to partner with on this unqiue creative option. Sanus Benefits is one of those few brokers. Sanus Benefits provides top tier customer service, and plan assistance. Plan assistance includes compliance assistance (Section 125 Document, ERISA WRAP Document, Employee Benefit Book w/ required mandates, CMS Registration), claim assistance, semi-annual claim reviews, and on-site paper/electronic enrollment meetings. Our customer service does not stop at the decision makers, we pride ourselves on helping anyone and everyone. Employees/Dependents can call us for assistance at anytime. There are numerous other benefits to becoming a Sanus Benefits client if you would like to know more reach out to sales@sanusbenefits.com or click the button below.

Houston Contractors Association Health Plan Quoting Requirements

Small Employers

(Under 25 Employees)

Questionnaires Completed by All Employees Interested in Coverage

Copy of Most Recent Renewal Information

Completed Census of your Employees

Large Employers

(Over 25 Employees)

Copy of Claims vs Premium Data from Current Carrier (HB2015 Data)

Copy of Most Recent Renewal Information

Completed Census of your Employees

Association Dental & Vision Options

In addition to the Houston Contractors Association health plan, we have association dental and vision plans available. These plans like the medical plan were made avaliable at a discounted rate with the Houston Contractors Association. Employers are not required to contribute to offer these plan options. Below you will find the dental & vision spreadsheets with the HCA plan. If you would like to move forward with one of the ancillary options, click the Quote button below.

Houston Contractors Association Dental & Vision Rates